Frequently Asked Questions

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YES. You may pay for the music lessons in full at any time during the school year. Please call our Billing Office at (800) 480-1933 for the payoff amount. A 10% discount is given when you prepay in full with registration or the first bill in November only. If you prepaid and then cancel mid-year, a partial refund will be given minus a $20 administrative fee.
To discontinue your child's music lessons, you must promptly call or e-mail our Billing Office at (800) 480-1933 or A note must be sent to the music teacher at school. We will cancel your account and you will not be billed for the remainder of the school year. If you prepaid in full for the school year, you will receive a refund minus a small fee. It is very important that you notify us. Otherwise, the teacher will assume your child is just out sick and the billing office will continue to bill you up until we receive your request to cancel the music lessons.
For special cases, if a child is seriously ill, broke a bone, etc., adjustments are made to the bill accordingly. Please call the Billing Office at (800) 480-1933 and also inform the music teacher of these circumstances as soon as possible.
YES. Lessons missed because of student absences cannot be made up or refunded, however additional attention will be given at subsequent lessons. Lessons missed due to school closings or unforeseen teacher absences will be made up and continue until a minimum of 25 lessons have been given from October through May.
YES. Not all months will have the same number of lessons. Some months may have 4 or 5 lessons and some months will have less due to holidays, school closings, student testing, etc. Your child will still receive a minimum of 25 lessons throughout the school year from October through May.
The later a child starts, the more difficult it is to break down the number of classes remaining. In this case, usually about 18-20 lessons are given. The 25 lesson guarantee applies to children who registered on-time for an October start.
YES. You are not required to rent or buy an instrument from us.
You are responsible for returning the instrument to K&S Music, the company who rented the instrument to you. You must call K&S Music at (908) 790-0400 for the return procedure. In some schools, you may give the unwanted instrument to the music instructor only on the last lesson day or at the spring recital. You must contact the music teacher to ask if this return option is available to you. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY RENTAL INSTRUMENTS AT THE SCHOOL.